Soca rafting

Rafting and canyoning in Bovec

Among the most popular activities in Bovec, canyoning and rafting definitely stand out. The offer is well suited for proper adventurers that want to experience something new, as well as it is suitable for beginners that want to introduce themselves to the world of adrenaline activities. All kinds of outdoor activities in Bovec are done by professional tourist agencies, so you can expect a save trip and a fulfilling experience in every case. It’s up to you to take the agencies up on their offer and experience Soca rafting or canyoning. Bovec has the offer, you only have to take it!

The offer of the local tourist agencies

The tourist agencies are the main driving force behind the expansion of services and activities for all kinds of tourists. While Soca rafting has always been one of the most popular activities in this region, there hasn’t been so much interest for canyoning Bovec is actively working on expanding the offer and attracting new adventurers that want to explore the canyons surrounding the Soca valley. You can expect a very nice experience if you take them up on their offer – all the programmes are professionally guided and well planned to ensure maximum fun and the best possible experience for everyone involved. 

With the expansion of the offer, the prices are getting lower and lower. Of course, there are new options becoming available at higher prices, but you can always expect Soca rafting to be quite affordable, while for canyoning, Bovec offers several courses in different price ranges. The offer is tailored to the wishes of different kinds of tourists, so everyone can expect to have the best experience possible, if only they can find the right option in the vast offer of the local tourist agencies.