soca river kayaking

Ideal conditions for water-based adrenaline activities

In the summer months, rivers become one of the most popular destinations for all kinds of visitors – the chilly water offers a great place to retreat from the heat of the summer. If we combine that with all kinds of fun water-based activities, we get a great idea for dynamic vacations!

That’s the idea that runs the Soca valley, Slovenia, in the summer. It becomes a melting pot of all kinds of tourists, everyone with the same goal – to enjoy the refreshing presence of the river Soca. The river also provides the best condition for some unforgettable adrenaline activities.

One of the best-known activities is Soca rafting. Bovec is the town that offers the best starting point, not just in terms of the profile of the river, but also because that’s the place where you can find all the gear and guided programs for the Soca rafting. Bovec is the ideal starting point, but there are some other options as well, most prominently Kobarid and Tolmin. In every case, everyone will enjoy Soca rafting – Bovec offers a dynamic and thrilling experience, while the towns a bit lower down can provide a bit more relaxed and tranquil tours.

There are other things to do on the Soca river – canyoning is one of the most popular in the last years. It’s becoming a big hit, and the offer expands with that. Soca river canyoning is very flexible and can be made to suit every taste. While the river itself is not very suitable for this activities, the ideal conditions can be found in the tributaries of the Soca river, canyoning offers a great experience to the explorers of the narrow and deep canyons of various streams flowing towards the more famous Soca river.