Soca valley rafting

Soca River kayak and rafting

Soca valley is a valley in small country named Slovenia in the south of the Central Europe. It is known for its amazing green nature. There you can find many high mountains, hiking trails, biking roads, historical points and a beautiful river Soca that gives the valley its name. There are many sports agencies that will guide you through Soca valley for rafting and if you think you are brave you can also try kayaking. These two are the most known options for water sport there. However, you can also try many others like canyoning and hydrospeed.

There is a great number of fun activities, including kayaking, that can be done on Soca river. Kayak is a small boat, made to fit one person. You are given a paddle, helmet and neoprene suit and then you are ready for one of the biggest adventures of your life. Make sure that a licensed guide is with you at all times. He or she will be of great help because Soca is a very dangerous and unpredictable river. There are hidden whirlpools and he or she can safely guide you down the river. Local guides are always the best choice. With their knowledge of the river you are sure to be safe at all times and maybe they can even show you a hidden gem or two.

Soca valley rafting is great for groups, families and friends. It is definitely a great experience. If you choose Soca valley rafting you will be put in raft with 4-7 people with a licensed guide that will guide you on the river. This activity is usually more fun and relaxed than kayaking because there are far less accidents with rafting than kayaking on Soca river. Kayak is much smaller in size and easier to flip in the water.

All that matters at the end of the day is how many memories you got that day. Taking a trip down the river, either in kayak or on a raft, is sure to have a special place in your collection of memories.