Electronic antifouling

Sensible alternative to antifouling coatings

Traditionally, antifouling coatings were by far the most popular option to prevent biofouling problems on vessels’ hulls. This is still true in most cases, as the coatings often offer the simplest and cheapest option of protection against invasive marine life. But it’s far from the most environmentally friendly option, as well as it’s not the most effective. There are alternatives that just make much more sense to use.

Electronic antifouling

The next big thing is definitely electronic antifouling. Why spend your time, money, and efforts setting up a coating that will only last you a year, if there is a permanent solution that is even more effective? There are many reasons to choose electronic antifouling instead of the coatings. The exact advantages depend on the type of the system used.

The most popular option is ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats. It works by emitting waves of ultrasonic radiation that agitates the surface of the hull and prevents the invasive marine life from settling there. In this regard, ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats is rather fascinating – it works by transmitting energy through the boat and creating small vortices on the hull, thus preventing latching of the marine life. The process is completely clean, not dangerous for neither humans nor aquatic animals, and it’s very effective in its job. That’s why ultrasonic antifouling kit for boats offers the best alternative to obsolete coatings.

Modern antifouling coatings

If your vessel can’t support an electronic antifouling system or you just don’t want to invest in one, there are some other alternatives to harmful coatings. There are, for example, various modern antifouling coatings that do much better job at keeping marine life at bay without polluting their whole habitat. Such coatings approach the problem differently, for example by making the surface simply too slippery for latching on.