Soca rafting Bovec

Ensure the best experience in the Soca River Valley

Thrill-seeking visitors of Slovenia are almost without exception heading to the Soca River Valley. The north-western part of the country is marked with the river and all the activities possible in the idyllic surroundings of the lush green nature. But it’s not as easy as just driving there and jumping into the water, no matter what the more spontaneous and minimalistic travelers tell you. It’s best to plan ahead and ensure you have the best trip possible.

The adrenaline center of the Soca Valley

For the most convenient and stress-free experience, go for the center of the adrenaline activity in this part of the country. This is Bovec, town known for a wide selection of accommodation and dining options, as well as all the adrenaline activities organized on the river and on the shore. Beside the most popular sports, e.g. kayaking and Soca rafting, Bovec also hosts all kinds of other activities, so even the most demanding visitors have nothing to worry about. No matter if you’re seeking paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, or maybe canyoning, Bovec will take good care of you.

But the town is justified in its title of the adrenaline center in big part thanks to the most popular activities. For Soca rafting, Bovec is very popular destination, the same is true for kayaking. Some activities are on the rise, especially those dependent on the location – for canyoning, Bovec is ideal, as it is close to the best streams and canyons. The Soca River itself is not the best for canyoning, Bovec offers other waterways instead.

No matter what you go for, the valley will impress you. From most obscure activities to the popular Soca rafting, Bovec has all the opportunity you need, you just have to take your chance.